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About Us

Welcome to Tristar Medical Partners. Our friendly team of health care professionals is exceptionally trained in providing accurate diagnoses and top-quality treatments for patients through our focus on prevention and health combined with treatment of disease. We adopt a primary care emphasis and consider the mind, body, and spirit connection. We treat the whole person, not simply the symptoms.

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We partner with our patients to discover the root of their problems and to design treatment plans for intervention and healing.

We are board certified and licensed medical professionals with extensive experience who understand the impact of stress, nutrition, and lifestyle habits on your overall health. We combine a full spectrum of integrative health and healing services to focus on preventive medicine and the treatment of chronic and acute illness.

Mission Statement
Our clinic is formed to market the best of skills in the practices of Family and Internal Medicine with an osteopathic emphasis on disease prevention, wellness and healing. All physicians are Board-Certified in their specialties and are members of various professional associations.  One of our goals is ongoing expansion of the services and facilities of our practice.

This clinic offers an environment of healing and wellness through the provision of patient care by quality physicians. Osteopathic modalities are applied in particular. The patients' needs will always come first, a message that will be continuously emphasized. This patient-first ethic will be the primary consideration whenever negotiating insurance provider contracts and making improvements and upgrades to the clinic and its equipment.