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About Us

Our friendly team of health care professionals is exceptionally trained in providing accurate diagnoses and top-quality treatments for patients through our focus on prevention and health combined with treatment of disease. 

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We treat people, not symptoms. A full physical examination is done, and specific testing is ordered relevant to the individual’s history and physical findings.

After the evaluation, we meet with the patient to review the findings and make specific treatment recommendations. Often some form of treatment is begun at the conclusion of the visit if that is appropriate.

Depending on the findings and the diagnosis, we use an integrative approach in general, but we are sensitive to the specific wishes, financial and insurance limitations that the patient presents to us. Everyone’s treatment program is individualized to his or her problems. There is no rigid treatment protocol, but we have made general recommendations to individuals that we feel are useful in any disease process.

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What To Expect

This clinic offers an environment of healing and wellness through the provision of patient care by quality physicians. Osteopathic modalities are applied in particular. The patients' needs will always come first, a message that will be continuously emphasized. 

Our philosophy is simple… balance.
We treat the whole patient to restore and maintain a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. We do not mask symptoms or use “band-aids” to cover up root causes. We support your journey in returning to and sustaining health and wellness so you can enjoy a disease free, happy, and productive life. 


We are only as strong as our staff and are proud to employ qualified individuals who bring their own diverse knowledge to the practice in order to ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible. ​